Pin-striped Building Adds Colour to the Core!

Sounds of construction echo off the hi-rises in the core. Walking along James St. North it’s hard to miss the flurry of construction at the William Thomas building. As this build rises, a new floor added each week, it nears it’s full height of 21-stories. LIUNA and partner Hi-Rise Group are developing the lot beside the Lister Block. This new student residence will house close to 388 students in 146 units (1, 2 and 4 bedroom suites).

Building, New Development, Bay Area, Hamilton, Burlington, Architecture, Design
William Thomas Building looking East

The initial structure of the building will add to the diverse architectural forms on James St. North. Compared to hi-rises in the core this building has many set-backs and recesses which give the structure a better visual appeal. It provides the building with a unique profile and does not appear to tower over the surrounding buildings.

William Thomas Building, Hamilton, Downtown, Bay Area, Lister Block, New Development, Building, New, Architecture, Design
William Thomas Building looking north beside the Lister Block

To compliment its interesting structure the developers are using colour to give the building some flair. Three different colours (Maroon, Grey, and White) form a pin-stripe pattern on the exterior materials. Once complete this building will have a style all its own.

Hamilton, Bay Area, New Development, Burlington, Design, Architecture
Construction on the north side of the William Thomas Building

The William Thomas building will be a welcome addition to the street. Its interesting features and colours will provide Hamilton’s skyline with a new building filled with character.

What features do you like about the William Thomas building so far? Do you think that this building’s design could be improved in any way?

I want to hear from you. Leave your comments below or Tweet me!


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  1. Any insight on if this is a good investment opportunity? Is the price worth it!? That look really nice! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‪This building will be a student residence. Definitely has a more condo like design though! 🙂 ‬


  2. enachublog says:

    Each city should try to maintain its tradition architectural outlook. The city planners seem to understand.


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