LiUNA Project Redevelops former Kresge Site

Demolition of the former Kresge building is underway. As parts of the building are chipped away by a excavator, the site is prepared for a new residential development in downtown Hamilton. The building at the corner of King and Hughson has sat vacant since the closing of Delta Bingo.


Initial Design of the Kresge Building. Image from Hamilton LRT Twitter

The former Kresge building will make way for a new mixed-use development headed by LiUNA. The project features two residential towers, 34-25-stories, offering condos, rentals, retail and commercial. As a node to the history of the site a two-storey replica of the former building will be created keeping King street’s architectural style intact.    

Hamilton’s LRT office recently released a video featuring Riccardo Persi, Secretary Treasurer with LiUNA Local 837 detailing the projects LiUNA is working on near the LRT route; e.g. Kresge and William Thomas projects: 

As this project unfolds I will post updates! What do you think about the LiUNA development? 

I want to hear from you. Leave your comments below or Tweet me!


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