New Builds in Downtown Burlington

Provincial legislation has encouraged a culture-shift in Burlington. Landlocked by the Greenbelt, Burlington has seen a number of high-density buildings created around mobility hubs. Location on the western edge of Lake Ontario, downtown Burlington has seen multiple new builds. Each new development offering a mix of residential, retail and public amenities.

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Initial design of the complex in downtown Burlington. Image from Bridgewater Residences 

Bridgewater Residences rise from Lakeshore

Bridgewater Residences is a mixed-use development on the edge of Lake Ontario. Three buildings, ranging from 7-22-stories, will house 120-residential units, hotel, and retail space. Initial designs of the planned building show a modern glass structure that blends well with the established architecture present in the downtown core. The project was designed to benefit the community through public amenities, retail, and completion of the lakefront promenade.   

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Bridgewater Residences under construction in Downtown Burlington

Bridgewater’s courtyard enhances connection to Lake Ontario

From my perspective, condominiums on the waterfront can be challenging. Without guidance from the municipality, waterfront developments may impede public connections to the Lake. At the Bridgewater, this connection to the Lake is accessible to the broader community. A large central courtyard has direct access to the lakefront promenade. This unique focal point brings the community into the development.

Given the value, to the community, this development seems like a good fit. However, could this project be improved upon?

Are there any projects in the region you want to know about?

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  1. Reading this, I am actually wondering while building condominiums by the water as well as, creating new practices to maintain the new construction of the city, will this inspire other cities to grow in a similar fashion by just watching what Burlington is continuing to do?

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    1. I do think this these types of projects will inspire other communities to develop similar practices. Many people fear dense development. Through theses projects, people get a sense of the community benefits and may be more welcoming to allow development in their neighbourhood.


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