Downtown Hamilton Reaching New Heights

In 1974, Landmark Place opened to the public. The 43-storey building, originally Century 21, remains Hamilton’s tallest building. The modernist structure has been a symbol of past economic vitality in the core. Revitalization of the core has seen developments reaching new heights, rivaling established buildings. Landmark Place has stood solitary for decades, but a neighboring building will steal the spotlight.

Last week, Lamb Development Corp. unveiled its latest project, Television City. Located on the former CHCH site, the project aims to preserve the historic Pinehurst Mansion adding two residential towers, ranging from 40-30-stories. Rising from this historic location the project brings an interesting architectural style; respecting its modernist neighbours.

Hamilton, Bay Area, New Builds, Downtown, Central, New Developments, Television City, Hamilton Ontario, Ontario, Dense Development
Initial design looking Northwest. Image from Television City.

Initial designs for the structure show glass buildings with concrete ‘fin’ embellishments, reminiscent of mid-century styles. A lack of setbacks on Hunter St. contributes to the overall feel of an urban design (my favorite feature). The project aims to be more than a monolith structure. Ground floor retail and pedestrian-friendly landscaping seems to invite the community in.

Hamilton, Bay Area, New Builds, Downtown, Central, New Developments, Television City, Hamilton Ontario, Ontario, Dense Development
Restored Pinehurst Mansion on Jackson St. Image from Television City.

In Hamilton, high-rises are a controversial subject. Based on the initial proposal it will be interesting to gauge community support. From my perspective, the project represents a cultural shift in the community. Dense development focused on the architectural style. Downtown has seen numerous new builds in recent years; however design seemed lacking in some projects. Additionally, Television City becomes the city’s new tallest building, bringing Hamilton’s architecture scene into this century!

The region has seen multiple investments in high-rise development. Do you agree that these buildings add to the vitality of the community? Please leave your comments or tweet me here!

*Featured image from Television City


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  1. Wow, didn’t know this was Hamilton’s tallest building. Very interesting!

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    1. Given the location the building has always seemed shorter compared to the mid-century towers near the rise on Queen St. Television City will be build on this rise to. It will be interesting to see the difference it will make in downtown’s skyline!


  2. Changes like this will keep attracting more and more from Toronto!…

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    1. Agreed! To me, more investment from Toronto will be a good think for the core in the long-run!


      1. “will be a good thing for the core” **


  3. This is so interesting and I think it does add vitality to the city, but what I’m also wondering is with all these advancements and construction of new buildings, is the city doing something for the greenery and nature that these new buildings might be taking up?

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    1. Considering the location I would agree, the city needs to begin planning new parks and recreation space to reduce the impact of these new buildings on the community. Further, the city needs to make sure that new developments have enough amenity space for the public including ground floor retail and landscaping. It seems that his project will feature a courtyard fronting on to Hunter St. which would be good if its remains for public use.


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