LiUNA Project Redevelops former Kresge Site: Part 2

Downtown’s Hamilton streetscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Developments are reaching new heights in the core. As demolition continues at the former Kresge building, it’s hard to imagine the changes being proposed for the site.

The project, headed by LiUNA, plans to create a mixed-use development featuring two residential towers, 34-25-stories, retail and commercial space. Details released by Urban Solutions, planning and development consultants, provide more information on the project. Upon completion the building will add 528-units to the north side of Gore Park.

Rising from the former Kresge site, the project has a unique silhouette. Each elevation provides a different perspective of the buildings. Looking northwest the buildings are reminiscent of a mid-century skyscrapers. On the opposite side glass balconies and geometric forms give the project an ultra-modern feel. This interesting structural form give the project a balance between past and new architecture in the core.

From my perspective, the initial designs promote new connections in the core. The former Kresge’s acted as a barrier between King William and Gore Park. Through the addition of retail at the base of the project, a commercial connection will form between these two districts.


Trends in high-rise development are affecting the region. Do you agree that high-rise developments contribute to the community in positive ways? Please leave your comments below or tweet me here!

*Featured image from Hamilton LRT Twitter
** Post images from Urban Solutions


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  1. Definitely agree! Hamilton needs a few new buildings to brighten up the area, and attract a younger demographic.

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    1. I agree that the city news to attract more investment from a younger demographic. Its amazing the difference a couple new modern buildings will make!


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