Construction Update: William Thomas Building

LiUNA and partner Hi-Rise Group continue construction on the William Thomas building. Located beside the Lister Block in downtown Hamilton the project represents a significant investment in the core. The building has reached its 21-storey height with crews working quickly to finish the exterior cladding on the structure.

William Thomas Building
Construction Continues on the William Thomas Building in Downtown Hamilton.

Given the location, the building’s height stands out against the mid-rise buildings in downtown. The project brings a new flair to James North. As the exterior finishes are added to the concrete structure, the maroon pinstripes add a unique detail to the project. Differentiating the project further, the exterior colours shift halfway up the tower. Using this tactic, the exterior finishes highlight the project’s unique design.

William Thomas Building
Setbacks Give the Project a Unique Silhouette on James North.

From my perspective, the development represents a new standard in architectural design in the core. The project features an interesting structure. Multiple setbacks reduce the impact of the tower on the street. Also, the projects interesting colour palette creates a visual texture to the building, rather than a monotone glass wall.

As this project is a departure from James Street North’s established build forms; what are your opinions on the project? Given the location of the project, does the buildings height concern you?

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