Hi-Rise Development on George St.

New developments are transforming Hamilton’s architectural landscape. Towering over construction sites, cranes have become a consistent reminder of the impending changes to downtown.

Downtown, Hamilton, Development, Condos, Cranes, Buildings, Bay Area, Hamilton, Burlington, Density, Tall Building
Cranes at the George St. Development.

Last week, two cranes rose on George Street, signaling that construction has begun on the fifth-phase of the Vrancor Group development. In 2011, the developer began phase-one of the multi-year project containing new residential and commercial space continuing the trend of high-rise development in the core. The project’s fifth-phase features a 32-storey residential building, municipal parking garage and ground floor retail.

Downtown, Hamilton, Development, Condos, Cranes, Buildings, Bay Area, Hamilton, Burlington, Density, Tall Building
Initial Design of the George St. Development. Image from Vrancor Group.

Based on initial designs, the modern tower will complement the existing built forms. The glass-tower incorporates a slight curve into the structure, giving the design a distinct silhouette. To decrease the impact of the development, the residential tower is set back from the street. A three-storey podium with ground floor retail creates a pedestrian-friendly corridor encouraging better connections between Downtown and Hess commercial districts.

From my perspective, the project benefits the community. Providing ground floor retail will complete the commercial corridor connection between Downtown and Hess Street. Additional parking provides businesses the opportunity to appeal to more customers. Further, the development features units with three-bedrooms providing more opportunities for families to live in downtown Hamilton.

Do you think this project encourages better pedestrian connections in Downtown?

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