New Builds in Downtown Burlington: Part 2

Walking in downtown Burlington it’s hard to miss the signs of construction. Urban renewal represents a major consideration of land-use policies in the province. As mentioned in a recent post, the Greenbelt has limited developable land within municipalities. In Burlington, high-rise developments are beginning to reshape the downtown core as the city becomes landlocked.

Burlington, Downtown Burlington, Land-use, Mixed-use, building, development, new development, greenbelt, bay area, Hamilton
Initial Design of the 17-Stoery Berkeley Condo. Image from The Berkeley.

The Berkeley represents one such development in the suburb city. Phase-one of the project features a 17-storey modern building adding 154-units to downtown Burlington. Once completed, the development will also feature a commercial building to the north, ground floor retail and parking structure. Pedestrian-friendly landscaping and retail will reshape the streets commercial corridor expanding connections to the waterfront, and Brant St. retail areas.

Burlington, Downtown Burlington, Land-use, Mixed-use, building, development, new development, greenbelt, bay area, Hamilton
Construction at the Berkeley Condominium Site in Downtown Burlington.

From my perspective, the mixed-use project features significant investment in downtown Burlington. Though the majority of the project represents the residential tower, the addition of a commercial building presents an opportunity to add needed office space in downtown Burlington. As the suburban city is mainly a ‘bedroom community’ more investment in a dense employment cluster can benefit residents that don’t want to commute each day. Residents living and working within downtown can significantly boost businesses thereby increasing the neighbourhoods vitality.

It will be interesting to see how the project changes downtown Burlington once completed. As building represents a shift in land-use policies, should the city prioritize mixed-use developments in downtown Burlington?

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  1. This building looks stunning.

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    1. It is!! I’m excited to see how it turns out!


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